CLIMAX is a multi-city film tour showcasing 4 of India's biggest adventure films of the year.

A 200 minute presentation, CLIMAX comprises films, talks by leading adventurers and interaction opportunities with industry leaders.


4 of the biggest adventure films playing in a theatre near you.

Films On Tour

Samsara is Nirvana

Duration: 30 mins

For Kumar and Madhu, a 2000 feet big wall route in the remote Kharnak Gorges of Ladakh, is unfinished business. Broken wrist, last moment change of plans, and an unusual partnership is what goes into attempting a first repeat of a zealously sought after climb.

Starring: Madhu CR and Kumar Gaurav

Screwed Up Fest

Duration: 20 mins

Mafioso Pranav Rawat leads his climbing cartel to explore water ice climbing possibilities in the Kullu valley. In one fell swoop, the ice lord gains first ascents and other bounties for the gang. 

Starring: Pranav Rawat, Abhijeet Singh, Aditya Pande and Kieren Dsouza.


The Great Indian Tamasha

Duration: 15 mins

Sajid and Pedro undertake a journey through Indian Himalayas in search of BASE jump locations. The Great Indian Tamasha paints a metaphor for all high wire performers. 

Starring: Sajid Chougule and Pedro Oliviera

Kingline Project

Duration: 20 mins

Two climbers finding solace and expression through acts of struggle and problem solving, to climb a hard boulder project in Manali, India.

Starring: Kumar Gaurav and Adarsh Singh





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